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Each and every one of our customers is important to us. Our commitment to providing customers the best experience with their farm financing needs has helped us build our reputation for top quality service at the most competitive farm loan rates on the market.

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Customer Testimonials

Robert Jackson, Jackson Family Farms

Finding the right financial lender is extremely important. In the late 1980′s, I operated a third generation dairy on around three hundred acres of land. I got a call one day from my lender at the time, the same lender who had been supplying finance to my family farm for decades, worried that my land prices were depreciating. Having never missed a payment on my loan, I was confused when the lender decided to pull the plug on my operation and demanded that the loan be paid in full immediately. Long story short, I was forced to sell the family farm to come up with the funds to pay back the loan. After several years working as a city bus driver, I contacted Farm Plus about getting back into the dairy business. They worked with me and were able to approve me for a loan so that I could rebuild my family’s business and continue the tradition. Since my first round of financing with Farm Plus, I’ve been able to grow my heard to 1100 head. I am Robert Jackson, owner of Jackson Family Farms. Thanks for your support Farm Plus.
-Robert Jackson, Jackson Family Farms

Ryan Hoopes, Wyoming Farmer

My name is Ryan Hoopes and I have a little over 1000 acres of farmland here in Wyoming. My primary crop is corn but we also grow sugar beets, alp alpha and barley. Farming isn’t for everyone, but I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

What other industry has as large of an impact on the world as agriculture. You look at this corn and, to the average person, they see this as just a corn field. They don’t see that this corn allows them to enjoy a cheeseburger or have cream in their morning coffee. Most of the corn crops like these are used as the main energy ingredient in livestock feed. Corn is also processed into a multitude of food and industrial products including starch, sweeteners, corn oil, beverages and industrial alcohol, and fuel ethanol. Farming and agriculture impacts not only the US economy but the world as a whole. I might not be making millions or driving a Bentley, but I work hard to provide for my family and wouldn’t have it any other way.

When we needed to take our farm to the next level, we wanted to work with people who truly know the farm and agriculture business. Who would put in the extra work to get to know me and my farm’s needs. The dedicated team at Farm Plus Financial knows farming, they know the specific needs of a farmer and are there to help every step of the way. I am a farmer, a husband, a proud father and I recommend Farm Plus Financial.
-Ryan Hoopes, Wyoming Farmer

Julius Van Thuyne, Van Thuyne Farms

I’m Julius Van Thuyne. I am a third generation farmer. I farm south of Longmont, Colorado. I farm about eighteen hundred acres consisting of corn, sugar beets for Western Sugar Cooperative. Miller Coors, I grow barley for the brewery. I also grow wheat. I have done business with Farm Plus Financial farm loans for the last five, six, seven years. They have provided excellent service. They have given me an opportunity to grow my operation by providing me the capital to grow my operation.
-Julius Van Thuyne, Van Thuyne Farms

Janet Peterson, RFA Investments

I’m the Director of Property Acquisitions for RFA Investments. We primarily invest in agricultural properties and I oversee the farming operations for 98 hundred acres of orchards and vineyards in California’s Central Valley and about 67 hundred acres of row crops along the west coast.

In our business, a consistent and reliable relationship with a lender is crucial. Having worked with farm lenders who only service a small geographic area within a state, we were constantly getting shifted from one lender to another.

We originally found Farm Plus Financial by searching online for a lender that could finance farm properties across state lines. After calling Farm Plus and discussing our companies’ complex financial situation, it was clear that Farm Plus Financial was going to be a great partner for us.

We first started working with Farm Plus Financial in early 2009 when we were acquiring an 80-acre vineyard right in the heart of Napa’s wine country. Since then, we have refinanced all of our farm properties at lower interest rates with Farm Plus Financial. Now, whenever we look at a new farm investment, we call Mike at Farm Plus.

My name is Janet Peterson and I am proud to recommend Farm Plus Financial.
-Janet Peterson, RFA Investments

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