Timber Loans

Timber Land Loans

Farm Plus Financial now finances timber properties throughout the United States with our offering of timber land loans. If you are seeking financing to purchase or refinance timber land or forestry related property ranging from $300,000 to $25 million, Farm Plus Financial is your trusted lender.

For people seeking financing for a timber property, the task of finding a lender that can provide timber loans can be a near impossible feat. There are few agricultural lenders that will finance timber properties in the United States. The reason being that timber properties cannot be easily sold for alternative agricultural production and we had seen a dip in the demand for timber. Recent numbers for timber harvest have been the highest in 7 years. With an increase in demand for timber from the oil and gas industry, timber properties now fall within Farm Plus Financial's underwriting guidelines, meaning that our team can now secure financing for timber land at our low interest rates.

Farm Plus Financial also has a network of expert appraisers throughout the country specializing in appraising timberland. We will help you get your timber property appraised and work to get you approved for a timber land loan as quickly as possible.

Farm Plus offers timber property loans for:

  • Refinance of existing debt for a better rate and term
  • Timber land and property purchases
  • Reforestation
  • Operating lines of credit

For our current rates and to receive more information on timber loans and agricultural financing opportunities, contact Farm Plus Financial toll-free at 866-929-5585 or apply online at farmloans.com/apply.

Farm Loan Application

  • Farm Plus Financial provides farm loans to farm operatings seeking capital in excess of $400,000. If you are looking for a farm loan under $400,000, we suggest USDA FSA Farm Loans and Farm Loan Programs.
  • Farm Plus Financial farm loans require all borrowers to have a minimum credit score of 660
  • Note: Purchases require a 30% minimum downpayment - in cash or additional collateral
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