Farm Loan Products

Farm Loan Products Overview

Here at Farm Plus Financial, we provide farmers with a variety of agricultural loan and farm loan products with some of the lowest farm loan rates available in the United States. Our farm loan products range from farm real estate and agricultural property financing to farm operating loans and farm operating lines of credit. Watch Farm Loan Products Video

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Farm Real Estate Loans

Farm Real Estate Loans & Farm LoansPurchase or improve farmland and rural properties with our competitively priced agricultural loans. We specialize in farm lending and offer a wide range of farm loan options to best suit your needs, from variable rate farm mortgages to fixed rate options up to 30 years. Our farm loan products allow you the freedom to choose the repayment schedule and loan term that works best with your operation. These include Reset Products, Fixed Rate Products & 10/10 Products.

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Farm Operating Lines of Credit

Finance the day-to-day needs of your operation and take advantage of new opportunities with our line of credit. Manage your cash flow, purchase new equipment, or invest in capital improvements while enjoying the added benefit of tax-deductible interest. Our uniquely designed operating loans carry a 10 year draw period which allows you to draw on your line over 10 years. This can be very beneficial to your operation as it doesn’t require an annual fee to renew the line. Another great feature of our line of credit is a built in conversion option which permits you to convert any portion of your line of credit to a mortgage at any time during the draw period.

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Farm Loan Product Options

As the leading farm and agriculture lender in America, Farm Plus Financial is pleased to offer the best farm loan options on every single loan we offer. These options are designed to provide flexibility to our customers by offering the following options on our all ag loans:

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