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Indiana Farm Loans and Soybean FarmsFarm Plus Financial is Indiana's trusted agriculture lender providing Indiana farm loans, Indiana ranch loans and Indiana farm operating line of credit loans with competitive interest rates starting just under 4%. Located in the heart of the Midwest and growing season lasting up to 190 days, Indiana has always been a major part of American agriculture. Indiana's 14.7 million acres of farm land is perfect for agricultural crops ranging from corn to soybeans.  In fact, Indiana is the third largest soybean producing state in the nation, growing over 9% of America’s soybean crops. Additionally, Indiana is rated fourth in the nation for the production of corn.  Farm Plus Financial is proud to lend to the over 61,000 farms in Indiana and has committed to lend $250,000,000 this year alone.

Whether you are looking to expand your current Indiana farming operation, refinance and consolidate your current debt obligations, planning to purchase new agricultural property or get a line of credit for day-to-day farm operations, Farm Plus Financial can help you reach your goals.  We understand that choosing a farm lender that you can trust can be a difficult process but we are confident that our experienced Indiana farm loan officers  will make your loan process an easy and quick experience.

Whether you are seeking a loan for purchase, refinance for a better rate, expansion of your current ag operation or to finance day to day operating costs, Farm Plus is here to assist you. Please feel free to browse our library of online farm loan resources, watch our customer testimonials or call us toll free at 866.929.5585 to discuss your farm financing needs.  You can also fill out the Indiana farm loan inquiry form below to have an Indiana Farm Loan Specialist contact you today.

Resources for Indiana Farmers

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For a free consultation complete the Indiana farm loans inquiry form below to have a farm loan specialist contact you or call toll free 866-929-5585 to discuss your farm loan needs.

  • Farm Plus Financial provides farm loans to farm operatings seeking capital in excess of $400,000. If you are looking for a farm loan under $400,000, we suggest USDA FSA Farm Loans and Farm Loan Programs.
  • Farm Plus Financial farm loans require all borrowers to have a minimum credit score of 660
  • Note: Purchases require a 30% minimum downpayment - in cash or additional collateral
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