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Farm Loans and Ag Financing from Farm Plus Financial
Farm Plus Financial is the nations leading provider of farm loans and ag financing. Farm Plus Financial is an active provider of commercial farm loans, full-time farm loans, part time farm loans, ag financing and farm equity line of credit loans throughout the United States. Farm operations seeking between $400,000 and $25,000,000 in farm financing to refinance, purchase or expand should contact Farm Plus Financial today to receive our current rates and information. We have committed to lend over $250 million in agriculture financing to farmers, ranchers and agribusiness operators across the US in 2018.  Our experienced team of top-rated commercial farm lending specialists combined with our extensive library of online resources and information make the process of securing a commercial farm loan easier than you ever thought possible.  Unlike local banks, Farm Plus Financial has extensive knowledge of the farming business throughout the United States. This gives us an extra edge, allowing us the opportunity to save you valuable time, money and headache so you can get back to what you do best.

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Farm Loans

Whether you are seeking capital for farm land acquisition purposes, day to day farm operating expenses, farm expansion purposes or to refinance and consolidate your current farm loans and debt for a better rate and term, Farm Plus Financial is here to help. We are confident you'll be pleased with our wide array of farm loan offerings, competitive rates, attentive and knowledgeable staff, and our commitment to always exceeding customer expectations.

Commercial Farm Loans

Our commercial farm loans must be secured with agricultural real estate and farming loan amounts start at $400,000 with a maximum of $25,000,000. Our commercial farm loans are offered typically for a period of 15 - 30 years and can be amortized over a period up to 30 years with no pre-payment penalties. Depending on the needs of your operation, you may select your payments to be due either annually or semi-annually. Our commercial farming loans can be used for a variety of farming operations such as farms, ranches, dairies, orchards, vineyards, just to name a few. Learn more about the farm loans we offer in your state.

Part-time Farmer Loans

Farm Plus Financial offers several different loan options for part-time farms, depending on your property type. Most part-time farms will have a residence on the property and the borrowers will have an additional source of income from a non-agricultural source.  The property may or may not need to have the ability to produce agriculture product(s) depending on location, acreage, and borrower circumstances.

Line of Credit Farm Loans

We offer a farm equity revolving line of credit with current interest rates starting under 4%. This type of loan can be included with your main farm loan request and will allow you to draw on the line of credit for up to 10 years. More information on farm operating line of credit loans is available on our Farm Operating LOC Loans page.

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Locating the right financial institution for your farm loan can be a lot like navigating an obstacle course, unless you know what you want. Many farm lending institutions who offer farm loans limit their customers borrowing abilities by placing unrealistic restrictions on collateral and financial condition. At Farm Plus Financial, we listen to your needs, and do what it takes to get you on track to meeting your financial goals.

How have we set ourselves apart from the crowd?

  • Farm Loan Staff

    Our knowledgeable staff is here to serve you, and your financial needs. Our goal is always to exceed our customer’s expectations. We are proud to be an accredited business of the Better Business Bureau with an ‘A+’ grade proving our exceptional track record with our customers.

  • Collateral Boundaries

    We have none! You will find we are one of the very few agriculture lending firms that have no boundaries within the United States. Whether your farm loan collateral is located on the east coast, the west coast, or somewhere in between, our seasoned farm loan staff has extensive experience in all areas of the country, and all areas of agriculture. By having such an extensively trained team, we are able to process your request in a timely manner, while paying attention to what’s most important to you, financing that positions you for growth.

  • Farm Loan Options

    We are loaded with options! All farm loans provided by Farm Plus Financial are real estate based, meaning we use your farm related real estate for your loan’s collateral. The farm loan types we offer are broad and include operating lines of credit, long term-fixed agriculture mortgages, and short term-adjustable agriculture mortgages. In addition, our farm loans are built with conversion options, split loan options, and a season loan options all of which offer you more flexibility.

  • Farm Loan Uses

    We offer three types of loans; an operating line of credit used for farm operating expenses, a purchase money loan used to acquire new agricultural real estate, and refinance loans. In the event of a cash out finance loan, we do not restrict our customers on what they may use their loan proceeds for. If you own an agricultural operation, or just agriculture ground, and would like to leverage your real estate, we permit many uses including debt refinances/restructures, investments on or off farm, expansion, settlements, etc.

  • Farm Loan Terms

    All of our customer’s financial needs are different, and since we understand this we take the time to learn what your financial goals are to properly align you with products that make sense to your individual circumstances. We offer over a dozen different types of loans with terms ranging from 1 month (resets monthly on LIBOR 30 day) to 30 years fixed. Our farm loans are offered with amortizations of 15 years, 25 years, and 30 years.

  • Farm Loan Payment Dates

    Since we understand each of our customers have unique financial circumstances we’ve taken steps to ensure each of our customers have the flexibility they need. One way we accomplish this is by offering flexible payment dates, and frequency. We offer monthly payment, semi-annual, and annual payment farm loans.

  • Farm Loan Process

    Farm Plus Financial has invested significant time and resources into developing a loan process that permits us to transact business in any area of the country in some of the most expedited times possible. Our seasoned loan staff is efficient in all types of farm loans in all areas of the country shortening your time from application to closing.

Call our dedicated team toll-free at 866-929-5585 with any questions or to get the farm loan process started. Begin your farm loan application online or use our contact form to receive more information about our ag loan programs and to receive our current interest rates.