Prepare for the Fed to Raise National Interest Rates in 2015

This past week, Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, announced at a conference in San Francisco that a raise in interest rates could be on the horizon as the economy improves. The Feds interest rates dictate interest rates across the rest of the nation and while they did not announce when they will raise rates, they did note that it could be as early as June.

The Federal Reserve has held short-term interest rates near zero for more than six years. The Fed has signaled that it could begin returning interest rates to normal levels sometime in the next six months. This is the first time that the Fed has officially announced its plan to raise rates as the economy improves.

The main factors that the Federal Reserve will be looking for as it makes the decisions on when to raise interest rates include economic growth, job creation, inflation and the U.S. Dollar.

Here is a video from Bloomberg Business highlighting the three most important things you need to know from what Janet Yellen said in the press conference.

When the rate hike does come, it will have far-reaching effects on the U.S. economy and consumers as windows of opportunity narrow on financial products including record-low farm financing and mortgage rates.

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