Save Purdy’s Farm!

Farm land is quickly decreasing across America. In Greenwich, residents are working hard to prevent this.

Purdy’s Farm in Greenwich, CT. is at risk of commercial development. A group of 20 local residents and advocates are teaming up as the Greenwich Farmland Preservation Coalition to purchase Purdy’s Farm and maintain it as an environmentally friendly nonprofit farm.

Jim Carr, a Greenwich resident told The Advocate, “Greenwich was originally built on farming, and we’ve very rapidly lost our farmland.”

Carr explained the farm would be a community farm ran by volunteers. Fruits and vegetables would be grown on the land as well as volunteers would run educational programs for children.

The land was owned by Del Zanette who was evicted for not paying rent on the land. The land is owned by RKD Ventures LLC as of 2004.
Zanette would love to see the coalition’s plan work because he spent 43 years working on the land.

“It’s very important to keep farmland here. I don’t want to see it turned into anything commercial,” Zanette said. “I would be very happy to assist them on the farm and continue my happy life here.”

Many volunteers believe saving the land is more than just preserving the actual land, but part of Greenwich’s history as well.

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