FSA Loans Available for Women and Minorities

Women and minority farmers interested in buying and operating small farms may be eligible for farm loans from the USDA’s Farm Service Agency according to Utah Farm Loan Chief Bill York.

“The Farm Service Agency is interested in promoting greater involvement in farming and ranching by women and minorities,” said York. “Each year, we reserve a portion of our farm loan funds especially for socially disadvantaged applicants.”

Applicants for these farm loans must be engaged in farming and ranching on family-size operations.

Other qualifications include:
-Satisfactory credit history
-Education, experience or training to prove ability to manage
-A legal citizen or resident of the United States
-Be able to obtain credit elsewhere to meet actual needs and posses legal capacity to incur loan obligations

These FSA loans will be available for socially disadvantaged applicants. This means anyone who may be subject to racial, ethnic or gender prejudice. This program is focused on women, African Americans, American Indians, Alaskan Natives, Hispanics, and Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

Farm Plus Financial works with government programs like the FSA. If you are interested in farm loans or ranch loans for small farms please contact a Farm Plus representative today. One may be reached by telephone, 1-866-929-5585 or online.

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  1. Linda Brewer

    I am looking for a $20,000 loan to pay off some debts please contact me either through email or by phone 9203615433

  2. Gregorio Morales, Jr.

    To whom it may concern:
    I would like to take advantage of the Minority Disadvantage Loan program since I was not allowed to get a loan via the The Beginning Farmer Loan program back a couple of years ago. It is my understanding this new Minority Disadvantage Loan program is available to me as a Male Hispanic land owner. An Operating Loan is requested, please email me the above name loan application.
    Thank you,
    Gregorio Morales, Jr.

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