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Farm loan information, farm loan resources & farm loan interest rates from Farm Plus Financial, the leading national farm lender.  Farm Plus Financial provides low interest rates on commercial farm loans, agricultural land loans, and individual farm and ranch loans.  We work with individual farmers, corporations and investors seeking capital for farm land acquisition purposes, farm operating costs, farm expansion, or to better your operation’s current loan type and reduce interest expense.  We are confident you’ll be pleased with our wide array of farm loan offerings, competitive rates, attentive and knowledgeable staff, and our commitment to always exceed customer expectations.   To learn more about our farm loans, contact a Farm Plus Financial representative today or fill out our quick online loan application.

Commercial Farm Loans

Farm Plus Financial offers commercial farm loans. Loan amounts start at $400,000.00 with a maximum of $25,000,000. These farm loans are typically for a period of 15 – 30 years and can be amortized over a period up to 30 years with no pre-payment penalties. Most farm loans have payments that are due annually or semi-annually, depending on the needs of your operation. Several types of operations qualify, including;  farms, ranches, dairies, orchards, vineyards, and many more agricultural productions. In addition, investment farms also qualify. We welcome your farm loan inquiries.

Part-time Farm Loans

Farm Plus Financial offers several different loan options for part-time farms, depending on your property type. Farm loan amounts start at $400,000.00 with no maximum amount. These farm loans are typically 30-year fixed loans with no pre-payment penalties. Most part-time farms will have a residence on the property and the borrowers will have an additional source of income from a non-agricultural source.  The property may or may not need to have the ability to produce agriculture product(s) depending on location, acreage, and borrower circumstances.   You may apply for farm loans online, fill out a ‘contact us’ form or just give us a call to speak with a farm loan specialist for the best rates on farm loans.  We welcome your farm loan inquiries.

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